How do I send you work?
We accept work via email, express mail, and FedEx™.
How much do you charge?
GBW Creative Workplace charges an hourly rate of $25, with exception of transcription and streaming audio (two-hour recorded audio - $185–$250) a minimum of $25 ($30 for transcription) will be charged on jobs under one hour.
Prices for larger documents are as follows:

  • 0–150 Pages — $25/Hour
  • 150–300 Pages — $20/Hour
  • 300+Pages — $18/Hour
How many pages do you type an hour?
On average, we type between 8–10 pages of typed text an hour. Handwritten documents may take longer depending on the legibility of the handwriting. Also, documents that contain charts, graphs or very detailed formatting may also take longer.
What kinds of audio can you transcribe?
We can handle most types of audio files, preferably links and digital recorded transcripts.
How long does it take you to transcribe an hour of audio?
It takes between 5–7 hours to type an hour of good quality audio. Audio containing more than two people, such as business meetings, interviews with more than one person, etc., or audio that is difficult to hear will take a little longer. Verbatim transcriptions will take a bit longer as well.
What is your turnaround time?
Our typical turnaround time on transcriptions, depending on the length, is 1–3 days. Manuscripts and other documents vary depending on their size. We do our best to maintain a 3–5 business day turnaround on these types of projects.
Do you keep your work confidential?
Yes! Working as a Legal Secretary for over 25 years, our principal knows the importance of confidentiality and has no problems signing a confidentiality agreement if it is requested.
What type of payments do you accept?
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